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Texada Island
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The Retreat on Texada Island
Gulf Islands motel accommodation in Gillies Bay, BC

Wildlife Viewing

deer graze just outside
                    your suite at the Retreat
Relax on the deck in the company of deer who are daily visitors at the Retreat.

Texada Island is an ideal spot for wildlife enthusiasts. The island abounds year round with easily encountered animal life.

Abundant black-tailed deer roam freely over the island. Outside of deer hunting season, the deer have no predators. 

Cougars and bears are not found on the island making it a very safe place for wilderness hiking.

Amphibian species common on Texada include the Painted Turtle and the tree frog. The latter are so abundant in places that a "frogs crossing" sign needs to be posted.

Scuba diving - bring your gear.
Divers will find that waters around Texada, especially near Shelter Point, offer a superb opportunity to view marine life in it's natural habitat.  Besides the many species of fish, the waters are inhabited by wolf eel, octopus, otter, seals and sea lions. This area of BC's coastal waters has been described by Jasques Cousteau as one of the best places in the world for viewing marine life.

 * As many as 250 species of birds including  kingfisher,  loons, osprey, harlequins, cormorants and scooters 
 * Bald eagles are common to the area
 * Great blue herons and other waterfowl frequent the island's bays.
 * Gillies Bay is a spring stopover for migrating Brant Geese on their long migration back to the Yukon and northern Alaska.
 * Rufous Hummingbirds abound from April to August 

                      tailed deer fawns
A couple of black tailed deer fawns visit the Retreat. 


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The Retreat on Texada Island
Oceanfront motel accommodation on Texada Island